SNARL housing co-op

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A group of people in Leeds are setting up a housing co-op, aimed around alternative housing.
The aim of snarl is to be a co-op that facilitates people to take control of their own housing.

It will have room for people to live permanently and a spare room for temporary residents i.e. asylum seekers and others in need of immediate housing.

The house will have a resource library where people can work from helping advise people on alternative housing options or helping with general housing matters.

A housing co-op is run by it members, who are also the tenants, providing them with control over their own housing. the tenants are collectively their own landlord.

It is aimed to be a safe space for all with a focus on queer and trans .

We are currently looking for new members.

If you want to find out more then get in contact on.



house yourself

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Take Control of Your Housing – 15th May in Leeds city centre.

Take control of your Housing, an event being organised in Leeds to explore, discuss and learn more about diverse housing solutions. We want to showcase different housing solutions that allow individuals and collectives to take control of more aspects of their lives. The aim of this one-day event is to inform and advise others in housing need about options available beyond conventional social and private housing solutions

On Saturday 15th of May, a free one day Housing event will be held at St. Johns a disused church in Leeds. It will be a day of stalls, workshops and discussions exploring issues such as, communal living, self-build housing, low-impact dwelling, squatting, housing co-ops, boating and more.

Tea and a food stall will be available throughout the day and an evening dinner will be held at the Commonplace, a social centre in Leeds city centre.

Date: Saturday 15th May

Time: 11-6pm

Location: St Johns the Evangelist, 23 New Briggate, Leeds